If you’re like me you’ve got 100 ideas floating around in your head, but you just don’t know which one you should start developing. There’s always the cold email approach that’s hit and miss. But what about running a simple survey to your intended audience, asking their number one pain point.

I’m not the biggest fan of letting the “Big G” have all my information, and know everything I do online, but dang is it hard not to use their products! Necessary evil?
I wasn’t aware of this great tool that they call, Google Consumer Surveys, until just now, but this could end up being very beneficial!

It isn’t free, but you can run some survey questions to a smaller numbered audience to keep the cost down.

I’ve found a great American manufacturer of photo/art canvases at fantastic prices.

I am now stuck on researching if there is a way I can build a canvas business even with all the existing ones out there. Someone how do it a bit different.
I’ll report back after my survey has been answered.


I am VERY happy with the results! This will definitely be going into the toolbox of essential apps that I use.
I ran a survey to allow 20 responses to a question of, “Are you a photographer that uses photo canvas printing services?”, and if they were, they were asked, “What is the one thing you would change about these services?”
consumer survey for photographers

Not too bad! I got a few stupid responses, but over all most gave a legit answer. The winning response from respondents is that they’re looking for a better price.

I’m even able to break the results up and compare answers given by gender, income, and geographic areas.

I was also sent a 15 dollar off coupon to run another survey within 7 days, so I will certainly be doing that.

Doing a search on Reddit, I found a great reply by someone who gives a great rundown on how to use this tool effectively.