As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly coming up with different business ideas, but it’s very important that we validate those ideas before going too far with them. We do that with landing pages and by contacting potential customers via email, phone and ultimately meeting with them in person.

I am CONSTANTLY thinking of “new” startup and business ideas to start researching. There are nights that I can’t fall asleep because I’m so excited to start on a new project. That excitement usually goes away quickly though. Very often, I talk myself out of it after doing more research, or I find that my “awesome, new idea” is already being executed well by someone else.

There are a few of these ideas that I do feel very confident about, and I’m trying to pursue further by contacting people in this industry via cold email.

Yes, in the past I’ve sent multitudes of cold emails without ever tracking if they’ve been opened or not! Not only is it nice to know if our emails are getting opened, but without tracking we have no data to test different subject and body content against. No more of that craziness!

After looking into services that help us do this, and even inquiring what it would take to create my own service, I’m currently using the Bananatag‘s free plan of 5 tracked emails per day. The upside is that their service is working great, tracking all emails that I’ve sent out, but the downside is that I couldn’t get it to work with my own personal email. I don’t think it has anything to do with Bananatag though. I host with A Small Orange, and they’re not allowing it. Understandably so as I’m sure it presents a security issue, and these guys know their stuff. So I’m using it with a Gmail account as an add-on. Not a big deal if you use Gmail. I usually don’t though. Each day 5 new emails go out with a new subject line. Hopefully we end up seeing a trend of which subject lines are helping to get emails opened. Hasn’t happened for me yet.

Getting People To Open Your Emails Is Hard Work!

At least for me it is. So far I’ve not had great email open rates. Since I’m tracking though, I can “pretty-safely” assume that my subject line didn’t peak their interest. I say “pretty-safely” because the emails very well could of went to spam, or these recipients just don’t check their email often.

For now I’m going to keep using Bananatag, but create a new Gmail account with a better name. In the future I’d like to give Mailgun a try, but it’s still over my head at this point. I figure it can’t hurt to try Sam Oven’s cold email subject line of “Strange Question?”, and here are some great tips on sending emails from Chris Hexton(Vero) on the Unbounce blog. I’ll certainly be giving these a try as well. And interestingly a subject line of “Appropriate Person” is suggested, and said to be thoroughly tested by Bryan Kreuzberger in this video on the Rise To The Top blog. I think this one will really depend on the niche you’re targeting though. Bryan mentions using for trying to find email addresses of “higher ups” at large companies, as well as just doing a simple “@company” search on Google as well.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have good results to share in a later post!