One Year. My goal is to develop a product or a startup that brings in recurring revenue. (November 3rd, 2013 – November 3rd, 2014) During this year I’ll continue to consult with clients to spot where they might be losing online sales, test different methods of idea extraction, possibly move forward on a mobile app idea, release helpful video courses, and work to learn more PHP. I will be doing this while working a full time day job, keeping up with a newly purchased home, and most importantly making sure to have time to spend with my beautiful wife.

I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit for so long now. I’ve just had a hard time figuring out where to focus. STILL HAVE THIS PROBLEM! I used to buy those “work from home” magazines and send away for the “free” information ads that people would run in the back pages. It’s funny because I knew most of them were just pyramid schemes, but I requested for the information anyway.

Around 2007 I built a site called Indie Wall, where I was pushing independent artists, musicians, authors, and videographers to buy a brick of the wall. The site was terrible. Tables, images, and advertisements. You can sort of see it on the Wayback Machine, but unfortunately the main part of the site, the wall itself, isn’t showing. I had about 1000 different bricks on this wall I made in Photoshop. Each time someone would buy a brick, I had to go back into Photoshop and add their logo to a brick, and then re-upload the image to the site. I actually had decent traffic for a while. This was the first time experiencing many people from all over visiting something I made online. This really fueled my online entrepreneurialism.

I used to think Ebay was going to be my ticket even though I didn’t have a good way to make that much of a profit. Before my wife and I got married, I would drag her along to Florida, ROSS department stores because we used to find really nice Modern Amusement clothes there. I would drive from store to store clearing them out. We then went home, took photos, and threw them up on Ebay. Never made much more than 2 to 3 dollars profit per item, but it was my way of being an internet entrepreneur.

In more recent years I started building online platforms for the mobile food industry. Food Cartopia wasn’t a success, and I’ll go into why it wasn’t in a later post. Fun Dit is still an ongoing startup, and I have high hopes for it to make a difference for food truck owners.

I’m at the point where it’s tough to sleep some nights because I’m still unsure of what ideas I should focus on. I don’t have a lot of those ideas, but I’m trying to narrow them down and decide where to put the most weight. I like how Ian Cackett brings up James Altucher’s suggestion of writing down 10 new ideas every day. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’m sure I will be just like Ian. He’s says it was very tough at first, but slowly the ideas start forming. Using this method as well as making public, concrete goals will keep me motivated to follow through with them. Within the past few months I’ve seen others post about making goals for yourself as well. This 42 Floors blog post is a great example. And this is more of an extreme way of making yourself stick to blogging: The 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I’m not ready for daily writing yet, but I hope I can get to that point.

Everyone who writes a blog knows how hard it can be to get traffic, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t want traffic. I’m hoping for loyal followers who can help me stick to the goals, and so we can all help and bounce ideas off each other.

This is my starting line.