One of my main goals for this new site was to write once a week. I could go on about how this was the busiest time of the year at my day job, how I got very sick for a few weeks, and how we had bitter cold weather which froze our house pipes, but all of these would be EXCUSES!

I used these excuses to justify to myself why I wasn’t getting even a short blog post written every week this month. I told myself that I was too sick to send a few emails out, or to practice JavaScript for an hour. Unfortunately, I find myself thinking that there just isn’t enough time in the day to get things done. I still let myself get bogged down in the muck of life events even after reading fantastic posts like this from Erin Walker. Do yourself a favor and read his post about the “one month for every four months rule”. It’s a great life hacking tip.

Another post that I’ve read multiple times, is this one from Jordan Phoenix titled, “A Deep Thought From The Universe“.

I actually got a bit bummed when I first read it, because it’s a reminder that our time on this earth is so limited. “Putting it this way, life is so short, and I’m still working a day job that I’m not happy with!”, I thought. At first I read the whole article, but mentally skipped what was being said after the beginning. I went back to it a few days later and saw it differently though. Here’s a quote from it:

“For this month, how many days have you put aside to do what you love most – to do exactly what you feel you are here on this earth to do?”

How inspiring is that?! Seriously go and read his post.

I read great posts like these, get motivated, and make progress, but tend to eventually fall back a few steps.

It’s something that I obviously have to work on, and I’m slowly getting myself back on track today. (My wife is a huge help and motivator. I’m very thankful for her.) I’ve lined up two great freelancing projects for the next few months, and I’ve gotten a few response emails back from cold emailing that I mentioned in this post here.

It may sound really silly, but something that keeps me upbeat is thinking about the fact that the sky isn’t even the limit when it comes to opportunities available to us entrepreneurs. The private sector is going to space, folks! I’m thankful that I do live in a Country where these opportunities exist. Not everyone can say that. At the end of the day I really do have a great life. Yes, I’m working a “9-5er”, I haven’t launched a startup, or created any successful products, but most importantly I have an awesome wife, great family and friends, a steady paycheck, freelance projects, and overall I’m a pretty healthy person. Plenty to be happy about.

I still have around 800 months to see what life has in store for me!

Here’s To A Safe, Happy, and Successful New Year To Us All. Cheers!