After a few recent client projects I’ve decided to really focus on a tool that will not only help myself and my clients, but I hope it will prove to be useful to other freelancers out there as well. It’s called SCEPTION.

Here is the current landing page right here if you want to jump right to it. It’s not much yet, but I plan to experiment and A/B test this a lot more than anything else I’ve done in the past.

I know there are A TON of project management and freelance tools out there already. That’s fine. I haven’t come across anything that is exactly what I have in mind for Sception yet, and even if I do competition is a good thing! At least with this targeted area of interest I know there is a need for tools.

What I currently do is email files and “hey, it’s updated!” messages back and forth with my clients. Before you know it there’s 300 different reply emails in your inbox on just one project.

Each logo variation is sent over, 10-20 revisions are sent back, 100 more feedback emails fill up the inbox.

Your client wants an element on his website to animate and move, but they’re not exactly sure where they want it to move to. You email them every time you make a change in the CSS3 animation keyframes. “Ok, go ahead and visit the site, you’ll see the change.” You get an email back saying that they don’t see the change. You reply back, “Please don’t forget to clear your cache and refresh your browser.”

You get my drift. I want to help with these situations.

Why not have your client visit their project on Sception where they can see all the logo variation “views” side by side, all right next to each other.

Load up 6 different “views” with that element they want animated. Each view will show them a slightly different variation on their animated element.

All in one place. They can check off which views they like best.

You move on.