Validate By Email


As entrepreneurs, we're constantly coming up with different business ideas, but it's very important that we validate those ideas before going too far with them. We do that with [...]

Validate By Email 2015-02-21T02:27:17+00:00

Facebook Ads Part 1


I've been doing web design and development projects for years now, but completely disregarded building "products" out of this work. This can be done in all sorts of different [...]

Facebook Ads Part 1 2015-02-21T02:24:50+00:00

My Starting Line


One Year. My goal is to develop a product or a startup that brings in recurring revenue. (November 3rd, 2013 - November 3rd, 2014) During this year I'll continue [...]

My Starting Line 2013-10-20T01:12:26+00:00
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