Adwords Search Terms Keywords

Do you use Adwords? Here’s an easy, quick tip that has more than one benefit.

When I first started using Adwords I had no idea about the “Search Terms” option under the “Details” button within your ad group’s keywords area.


Here’s a screenshot:
adwords keyword details

This is a list of all the search queries users have used, that’s triggered your ads to show. Are there good search terms you can add to this campaign’s keyword list?

Not only is this a great insight into what people are searching for, there’s an even more important use for this: It also shows you what keywords you should add to your NEGATIVE keyword list.

You are using negative keywords, right?!

If you see keyword search terms that are resulting in impressions of your ads, but have nothing to do with your product or service, put a stop to this now. It’s probably costing you money! There’s a bit more to negative keywords, and I’ll go into more detail in another post, but for now get started with this here.

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