PPC Campaign Management

Choosing a pay per click management company can be hard!

We'll make it easy for you.

PPC Management Company

Let Preeminent Productions prove that great profit can be made with pay-per-click platforms.

Google Adwords Management Microsoft Bing Ad Management Facebook Ad Management

Any of these sound familiar?

"I run a small business and want to grow my online sales."

"I understand how Google Adwords works, but I just don't have time to manage it."

"Our competitors are advertising online, and we want to beat them at it!"

"I hired a freelancer on Elance, and they've only been in the account twice in 4 weeks!"

"My main competitor's ads show up when I search my business name on Google!"

"We tried setting up our own campaigns, but all the options and settings are too confusing."

"Our Facebook ads don't do anything. No one clicks them!"

All real issues that our clients have come to us for,
and we're ready to tackle yours today as well.

Here's What You Can Expect From Our Professional PPC Management Service

First and foremost we want to fully understand your business goals and who your customers are. And we're not talking just, "increase my sales", here. We won't begin until we have concrete goals to meet every month. "5 leads a week at no more than 8 dollars a piece", is more of a concrete goal example we're going to establish with you. A gameplan must be in place before starting.
After the first, free consultation we're going to be up-front and honest with you. We're not going to take on your business just for money. If our visions and goals don't line up, we'll say so and refer you to someone else that might make a better fit. If your goals aren't being met, we'll make sure to explain why, and also suggest what can be done to fix it. If this includes any sort of budget change, you'll have the final say-so before it's made.
You'll receive clear and easy-to-understand reports at the end of every month. What's working. What's not. "Am I making sales? And if so, what's my profit?" "New Leads? How much are they costing me?".
Preeminent Productions started as a one man web design and digital marketing business. 10 years later we've grown to multiple team members, and manage over 100K in monthly ad spend. We're in these platforms DAILY and know what settings will work for your campaigns, and even share some of our findings and best practices on the blog. Having a grasp on web design, SEO, and marketing is essential for knowing how to plan the right PPC strategy for you and your company.
Google Adwords Management Microsoft Bing Ad Management Facebook Ad Management

We Manage PPC Campaigns For Happy Clients

$132 sale at a $2.44 cost per aquisition.

Most new customers company has ever recieved from PPC.

5 email sign-ups, 483 interactions, & 55 Facebook page likes for $20.

Easy PPC Management Prices

PPC pricing can get crazy confusing. And Expensive! We try to make this as easy and painless as possible. A set, agreed-upon monthly management cost with absolutely no hidden fees or contracts. Cancel at anytime!