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Increase leads, website customers and most importantly, your revenue. What would next month look like for your business if your website produced 3, 5, or even 10 new customers?

100's of users and 1000's of dollars have been generated with this plan.

Here's how it's done:

Phone, Skype, or in-person consultation.

Every business and project is unique, so in order to properly develop your effective gameplan, we'll talk business plans, sales forecasts, your goals, what your target market is, what you're currently doing to gain customers and how we can improve upon it. After this meeting, we'll have a website strategy, ultimate goal, and what the time-frame is to hit that goal. Personally doing website marketing can be tough sometimes, because many of us have a hard time being objective with what we've been working so hard on. It's easy to get tunnel vision, and forget the bigger picture. We'll be your extra set of eyes, ears, hands and ideas. We're on your team!

Website performance audit.

Less Website Load Time = More Customers & Revenue.

Have you ever hit the "back" button because a website was taking too long to load? Your potential users could be doing the same. On average, you have only seconds before most people will give up and move on. They WILL NOT stick around to wait for your site to slowly load. After these tests, We'll provide you with your load times, trouble spots and how we can fix them. Remember, not all traffic will be coming from fast, reliable internet or brand new computers. Other than security/privacy concerns, performance is ultimately what web users care about most. Amazon has stated they were able to increase revenue for every 100 milliseconds taken off their website's loading time.
(Detailed report delivered.)

Analytics audit & setup.

We research your visitor traffic to see where your users are coming from, and where and when they leave your site. This is where potential "bottlenecks" or problem areas are identified. If a big percentage of your traffic all leave your site on a certain page, or in the checkout process, that's a good sign there's probably an issue that needs to be fixed. You'll also receive important data on where your visitors are located geographically, and what type of devices they're viewing your website on. Most importantly, we'll setup lead and sales goals that will be tracked.
(Detailed report delivered.)
(Don't have Google Analytics installed on your site? No worries. I'll set it all up , making sure it's tracking your traffic in all the right places.)

Search engine optimization audit.

"SEO", for short. This is where your site is examined for how easy it is for search engines, like Google and Bing, to find your site and content. If you want to grow your business your site needs to be included in search results when someone searches for your industry or for things you sell. The goal is to be visible on the first page of those results. That's what we'll start working on here. There is a massive amount of guarantees and promises being made in the SEO services world. Getting to the front page of Google doesn't happen overnight, and proper SEO service is an ongoing process. Run far away from anyone who claims otherwise! Important parts of this audit include keyword search terms being used to find your website, so we can capitalize on them, along with identifying competitors who might be taking away traffic and sales from you. Speaking of competitors, we'll also examine their websites to get a feel for what they might be doing better. It's a must if you want to stay ahead.
(Detailed report delivered.)

Mobile phone and tablet performance testing

Your site will be tested for errors and bugs on a variety of smart phones, tablets and mobile operating systems. These days it's absolutely essential to make sure your website works correctly for users on the go. It won't be long before internet access on phones and tablets overtakes the amount of traffic coming from desktop computers! Depending on the package you choose, your website may be tested on Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Razr, LG Nexus 4, and even tablets like the Galaxy Tab and Amazon's Kindle Fire. Those devices might mean nothing to you, but I'm willing to bet some of your visitors will be on them! In a recent Mobile Media Consumption report, 83 percent of consumers said they plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months. After these tests you'll have the peace of mind that your content is accessible by 99 percent of all who visit your site.
(Detailed report delivered.)

Rebuilding and editing of your website.

After the inital website review and audits, we'll have a better understanding of your current website traffic. It's likely that we'll need to edit your website to better promote visitor follow-through and conversion. This could include building a lead capture area for users to sign up for your emails, adding or removing buttons, changing fonts and colors, or moving certain blocks of your site around for a better flow. Your site may also need to be redesigned to be "responsive". This means it will shrink and expand correctly, depending on what the visitor is using to view it with. Think back to all the possible mobile traffic. If your content isn't displaying correctly for them, say goodbye to those sales and potential leads. No matter what type of redesign is needed, the ultimate goal of new leads and customers are kept in focus.

Professional landing page designs.

Landing pages are an extremely effective tool that every website owner should be using. A landing page is built with the sole purpose of telling the visitor what you're about, why they need you or your products, and a main "call to action", or "CTA". A CTA could be having them sign up for your email newsletters, or going straight for the sale with a "buy it now", button. No distractions. Stripped down to only the essentials. You've no-doubt landed on some yourself while browsing the internet. We'll analyze these for two weeks, on up to one month, depending on your chosen package. This is to see which one performs best in terms of user leads and sales. Your custom landing page designs will use industry best-practices based on past-proven, successful results that are yours to keep and can be used over and over.
(WEEKLY, detailed report delivered.)

Inbound marketing campaigns.

This is where we really put those landing pages to work for us! We'll get advertising campaigns setup and running on Google Adwords and Facebook or Twitter, depending on your industry and if you already have a significant presence on either platform. Multiple ads will be created and tested. The ads will direct traffic right to our custom landing pages. Just like we test the landing pages themselves, the ad copy and images will need to be tested for optimal results and maximum return-on-investment. At the end of every week you'll receive your results in an easy to read report. You'll see which ads are performing best, and which ads are not. If an ad is getting clicked quite a bit, but it's not resulting in your set goal, then we'll shut it off and research why that's happening. We'll analyze these for two weeks, on up to one month, depending on your chosen package.
(WEEKLY, detailed report delivered.)

In 30 days or less, you'll have an optimized website that loads fast, is accessible by all your visitors, can be properly found by search engines, and is attracting the right traffic for more leads and business growth.

"They opened my eyes to things I had no idea could be done. I came to them with an existing site, and the direction that I needed more leads for my seminar. We ended up selling all the tickets!"

-Mona F., My Billing Solutions, LLC

"We approached Anthony with only a simple, default Wordpress website, and not a single member for End 2 End Adventure. We're now approaching 300 members and 400 Facebook fans."

-Matt S., End2EndAdventure.Com
  • Beginner
  • 3 payments of $171.98
  • Performance Audit
  • Site Traffic Audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Site Rebuild (Light)
  • Custom Landing Page
  • -upgrade for mobile testing-
  • -upgrade for targeted traffic for landing page-
  • -upgrade for priority phone & email support-
  • Request
  • Intermediate
  • 3 payments of $360.50
  • Performance Audit
  • Site Traffic Audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Mobile Testing Audit (Light)
  • More Involved Site Rebuild
  • 2 Landing Pages (2 weeks)
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns (2 weeks)
  • -upgrade for priority phone & email support-
  • Request
  • Master
  • 3 payments of $909.49
  • Performance Audit
  • Site Traffic Audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Full Mobile Testing Audit
  • Heavy Site Rebuild
  • 6 Landing Page Designs (1 month)
  • Full Social Media & Google Adwords Campaigns (1 month)
  • Priority Phone & Email Support
  • Request

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A No Risk Offer To All New Clients

After the initial consulting session and first payment, we'll deliver your custom website plan as well as a comprehensive search engine audit. At this point you can decide to go foward or not. If you're not ready, your payment will be returned. We absolutely CANNOT go forward if you're not truly ready to do so.

With that said though, we're very confident that this program can bring you new customers, increase your profits and will eventually pay for itself multiple times over. To date, no one has requested this.

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